Recent Mold Remediation Before & After Photos

Mold Damage in Long Beach

Mold damage as result of water penetrating through planter on the other side of the exterior wall in Long Beach California.  

Mold Damage in Long Beach

This water damage In Long Beach, CA was not detected on a timely manner and unfortunately turned to mold. SERVPRO of Northwest Long Beach was called in to asses... READ MORE

Damage by water heater

Water heater damage happened in Signal Hill / Long Beak, CA. Another case of water damage when the homeowner was on vacation. Homeowner came home and saw water ... READ MORE

Mold in a Long Beach Home

This Long Beach family discovered mold growth in their bedroom, thanks to a recent rainstorm. As soon as they noticed that the mold area was getting bigger they... READ MORE

Mold Invades A Child’s Room in Long Beach

This Long Beach family discovered extensive microbial growth in their child’s room, thanks to a water leak from the roof that went undetected for 2 weeks.... READ MORE

Bathroom Mold

Bathroom mold was discovered in a Long Beach family home, thanks to a leak that went undiscovered. The first thing they did was call on SERVPRO of Northwest Lo... READ MORE

Moldy Smell in a Long Beach Home

In Long Beach a family smelled a pungent smell in their home. It was an unpleasant odor near their front door. Since mold can sometimes live within the walls or... READ MORE

Let Us Help You Remove Mold Growth

Mold growth was discovered in this family home in the garage in the Long Beach area. Thanks to the mold growth being blocked from the water heater it went undet... READ MORE

Slow and Repeated Seepage Leads to Mold

A long term hidden leak surprised one of SERVPRO of Northwest Long Beach homeowners. Upon moving a very comfortable corner chair, the homeowner was shocked to ... READ MORE