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We discovered a leak and after our plumber cut open the wall, we found black mold and the wood inside the wall was wet. We spoke to several companies and decided that SERVPRO Northwest Long Beach had the best solution for us. Miguel and Moses showed up the day before the 4th of July and partitioned off the bedroom so that the mold spores would not spread. They were professional, neat and spent a couple hours cleaning the mold, removing the baseboard and carpet tacking. They also set up a dehumidifier and left it running over the weekend to dry up the affected area. Some companies mentioned that we could sleep in the room but Henry said that he would not suggest it and we’re glad we listened. It would have been way too hot and a bit noisy if you’re in the same room. They came promptly on Monday morning and removed the equipment in no time. They also recommended a person to rebuild the wall so that’s our next step. All in all, these guys were great! Price was reasonable and Miguel was a true professional. Highly recommended!!

A business near us allowed a camper to use their indoor electrical outlets to run the camper and after a few days an electrical fire occurred. The tenants in the retail plaza smelled burning wire until the camper caught sparks that led to the business who allowed them to use their outlet. We run a fitness gym a few doors down from where the fire happened, but the smell penetrated into our carpet, floor and walls. SERVPRO of Northwest Long Beach was called to restore the damages and we asked if anything could be done in our facility to eliminate the horrible smell. SERVPRO provided us with an ozone machine that ran for a few days, and the smell disappeared. We are so happy as it was hindering our business.

A big thank you to SERVPRO of Northwest Long Beach for helping my family get through a home flood emergency. From my initial call and through the entire mitigation process, Henry Sonboli with his team Miguel, Jesse, and Moses all provided excellent service. Professional, courteous, respectful, and always happy to answer any questions. The work quality is top-notch and thorough. Highly recommended.

I had a water pipe burst in my house back in June. Initially had another mitigation company come as per recommendations from my plumber. Well that was a mistake. Then I was referred to SERVPRO. Which was a provider that worked with my insurance company. WOW. What a difference in work ethics. They came on time. Left on time. Cleaned up properly. Always called me to let me know when they would be coming. And tried everything to help save my walls and floors. Can not say enough about their hard work and professionalism. I recommend SERVPRO to all and next time I would not waist my time with any other company. Let's hope there is not going to be a next time. Thanks SERVPRO.
Thanks HENRY

IT COST ME MORE IN THE LONG RUN.... I had clogged drain lines, a pipe broke and my business flooded, an absolute nightmare, the fear of closing for a long period of time forced me to hire cheap and get fast back to business. I was in a panic and could not afford to close shop. My plumbers did a great job! But, I had no clue the damage sitting water could cause, I learned the hard way. A month after the incident we began to smell a musty odor and continued to linger. Someone suggested that it could be a dead animal in the walls, or behind furniture. We decided to give it a good cleaning, we moved furniture to discover dark spotting outside the bathroom walls. We had MOLD! I decided to investigate as the issue was growing and learned that water is a SOLVENT! I had to call certified experts to resolve this as now my employees and customers would be at risk. Henry and his team came out right away, I was in a panic and their calm demeanor, professional tools and efficiency reassured me that everything would be done fast and RIGHT. Even after everything was done they followed up. I was in the loop with time frames and communication with Edward (Farmer’s agent) was great help in getting things processed with SERVPRO. In retrospect, I should have called SERVPRO at first to handle the flood, and avoid the mold. Henry and his team was great! Thank you!”

I used SERVPRO of Northwest Long Beach recently to help mitigate some storm-related damage to my home. I was in a tizzy, but Henry and his team made me feel like I was in good hands. They responded quickly and helped prevent any further damage to my home. They also dealt with my property management, keeping them informed and suggesting best practices for how to handle related repairs. All the employees at SERVPRO of Northwest Long Beach were efficient, professional, and friendly. Henry and his team always followed up on what they said they would do. I would very highly recommend them, and they will be the first people I call if I ever have any water-related issues again!