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Storm Damage Testimonials

Yelp Review - I'm a property manager in Lakewood and during a property upgrade and roof replacement project the roofer's and myself were hit with a surprise rain storm with robust winds. What started off as a sunny, warm, mid 70's afternoon turned into chaos. Me and the roofers got caught in a random storm, it had us running to purchase buckets, to catch water leaking from ceiling's. All 15 up-stair apartment's were exposed to the rain. Carpets drenched and  personal property wet. The stress and panic was reduced upon SERVPROs arrival. They facilitated with efficiency and communicated step by step on a daily to ease an uneasy event. Thank you SERVPRO!

Yelp Review - This was my first time to have had the misfortune of having water damage in my Long Beach rental condo. Although I had a bad experience dealing with my HOA (who was responsible for the building plumbing break), I must say that SERVPRO/Henry Sonboli helped facilitate and coordinate the process with all parties/contractors involved from testing for water moisture, to asbestos testing, to asbestos removal, to drying, and to retesting, (albeit my HOA delayed repairs to my unit). SERVPRO/Henry was very professional, answered my HOA's/my questions, coordinated with the other contractors, and kept me informed during the entire process.  He returned my phone call even though it was a Thanksgiving weekend when I requested him to have his staff open up a portion of the enclosure so my tenants can access their bedroom. (The asbestos removal company inadvertently forgot to open up the plastic enclosure from the living room to the south bedroom after they were done removing the asbestos. SERVPRO was doing the drying and final testing around that time so it was easier to ask SERVPRO for this request, which his crew did.) Also, even after he was already done with his job in my unit, he still attended a meeting with the HOA per HOA's request to give his professional opinion about the water damage issue that my HOA and I were researching. That's extra time he expended for returning to my unit days after his crew was already done with its job. (He actually drove from Laguna Niguel to Long Beach that day  to make it in time for the meeting). Now that's just good customer service!

This company does excellent work. I would definitely recommend them for all water damage and restoration needs

I've been meaning to leave a review for this SERVPRO, Henry and his crew came through in so many ways for us. Back on 2/17 there was a really bad rain and wind storm that lifted the shingles on our house and water came into three of our bedrooms. We had water everywhere. We called SERVPRO first thing the next morning and Henry was here the same day assessing the damage and sharing his knowledge and experiences with us for the best ways to resolve all the problems and approach the insurance claims. A few days later he brought his guys over to rip up walls and flooring and set up drying machines and dehumidifiers (7 machines total) in all three rooms. The machines ran 4 days straight, dried everything up and they returned to retest, remove equipment and clean up. In such a stressful situation Henry and his crew (Miguel and the others) took care of us, were sympathetic to our situation, and showed us and our home a lot of care and respect. I would recommend this SERVPRO to anyone dealing with water damage. Henry knows his stuff and bends over backwards to assist. He even came over to meet with our insurance adjuster with hardly any notice so that the adjuster could hear his assessment and see the photos he took. I think his being there and talking with the insurance company helped to make the claims process a lot less stressful. Thanks again SERVPRO, I hope I never need you guys again but if for some reason I do, I'll certainly be calling and recommending you to others.

Great job, from beginning to end. Their Professionalism is beyond expectation. I highly recommend them.

SERVPRO Long Beach/Signal Hill was extremely professional when I contacted them with an emergency. Local High School experienced some minor flooding during the last heavy rains. 5 rooms were impacted and they responded right away. They were able to walk the Principal and faculty through the process in getting things remedied. The fact that the call was made late in the evening and they responded within a short period of time, it showed how important GREAT service is to this SERVPRO facility.